The busiest selling season is approaching quickly. Today, we’ll go over five ways to prepare your home to sell this spring. These tips will help your property make the best first impression on potential buyers.

1. Paint the walls a neutral color and replace the carpet. Stick to beige and grays to appeal to the masses. Stay away from loud and bright colors.

2. Remove clutter. Depersonalize the property. Take down family photos and get rid of personal belongings. You’re going to have to pack them anyway, and with them put away, buyers can envision themselves living in the home.

3. Stage your home. If you’re still living in the property, we can do partial staging. If the home is vacant, we can fully stage the property. Staging will give the property a clean, cohesive design and create a nice flow for people walking through the property.

4. Add exterior curb appeal. The grass should be trimmed and shrubs should be pruned. Add fresh flowers and plants. Repaint the front facade, trim, and front door. This will do wonders for how your property shows online and what buyers see when they pull up to your home.

5. Get a home inspection. A home inspection will tell you if anything is wrong with the property. Then you can decide if you want to address those issues up front or make adjustments in the price before listing your home. It’s better to know what’s wrong with the home rather than finding out during negotiations with the buyer, which can save you thousands of dollars.

“Stage your home to appeal to more buyers.”

If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!