Professional photos of your home are extremely important when you list it for sale on the market.

In today’s world of real estate, 90% of buyers start their home search online. When they see your home on websites like Zillow and Redfin, the first thing they see is the photos. If your photos don’t make an amazing first impression, they will likely skip over it.

Sadly, there are a lot of agents out there who don’t hire professional photographers to shoot photos of their clients’ homes simply to save money. They don’t want to invest in the marketing, so they actually try to take the photos themselves.

Many of them are not good at taking photos, and many just use their smartphone to shoot pictures. I cannot tell you home many times I’ve seen photos of homes where you can see a Realtor in the mirror holding up their iPhone in the shot.

“You have to make an amazing first impression with online buyers.”

These photos come out horribly; they don’t pop and they don’t make the home stand out. The camera on an iPhone just won’t do your home justice, and the same goes for someone who doesn’t have experience shooting photos professionally.

You want to work with someone who knows how to work the lighting and the angles to show your home in its best light. The next time you work with a Realtor when selling a home, you need to ask whether they use professional photography. We invest thousands of dollars in professional photos for our clients.

I hope you found this tip helpful. If you have any more questions about marketing your home or about the Silicon Valley real estate market, give me a call anytime.